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3 Tips for Newport Beach Smoke Removal

8/9/2017 (Permalink)

Suffering fire or smoke damage in the home can seem like the end of the world. You’re just constantly reminded of the event. It’s common to want to focus on removing the evidence. It is possible, but it will take some dedication and work. Here are the top tips for smoke removal in Newport Beach.

Start by Disinfecting Areas

The first thing to do is disinfect any areas that were damaged by the smoke or fire. You want to get some mild soap and warm water and use it on your cabinets, doors, walls, and all other surfaces in the home. The smoke can lead to bacteria growth, which could up the family at risk later on. Even if you’re not sure if there was smoke damage, take the steps to disinfect.

You’ll want to ensure the areas dry within 24 hours. This will help to avoid mold growth afterwards.

Disinfecting the area will also help with the removal of smoke odor in the home. Mild soap has a neutral smell that helps to get rid of the burning or smoky scents.

Use Baking Soda on Your Carpets

You’ll be tempted to use mild soap on your carpets. This can be useful, but you can also do a different and easier trick for Newport Beach smoke removal. Grab some baking soda and sprinkle it across all carpets and rugs. Brush the baking soda into the carpet to make sure you get into all the fibers and then leave it all overnight.

The next morning, vacuum your carpets. You should get a neutral smell. The baking soda will help to balance the acid nature of the smoke, while covering up the dirty, damaged scent.

Once you’ve finished with the baking soda, steam clean your carpets and all your upholstery. This works to deodorize fabric throughout your home. If you don’t do this, the scents will stick deep within the fibers and you’ll smell them at a later date. It’s much harder to remove later.

Make Sure the HVAC Filters Are Cleaned

You’ll be surprised at where the smoke can get to. While taking care of most smoke removal in Newport Beach yourself, there are some elements that you’ll need to hire a professional for. This is especially the case for the HVAC system.

The smoke will get into the filters and air ducts. It can also get into the furnace and air conditioning unit. Make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned. If you leave the smoke particles, you just end up putting the damaging elements back into your air. You continue to put your family at risk and all the other tips have been useless.

Change the filters after any fire or evidence of smoke. Even if the rest of the HVAC unit is safe, changing the air filters is part of your regular maintenance and will look after the health and longevity of the unit.

Smoke gets everywhere. The odor can stick around for years to come if you do take care of the Newport Beach smoke removal right away. Follow the tips above and you’ll keep the whole family safe.

3 Tips to Avoid Flood Damage in New Port Beach Homes

8/9/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding is a major problem. Whether it’s from clean water or black water, you can end up losing valuables and memories. While you can clean up flood water, it’s best to avoid Newport Beach flood damage as much as possible. That means taking the following steps to keep your home protected.

Modify Your Home to Withstand Water Levels

If you live in an area where flooding is common, you’ll need to take steps to protect your home. Take steps to modify your building. While the steps are costly, they are much cheaper than repairing the flood damage in Newport Beach homes afterwards.

One of the most common modifications is to add a funnel for the water. You can direct the water away from your home and towards the sewers. You can also add more greenery to help soak up the water rather than allowing it to reach your home. Encourage more tree planting in your area. The trees will soak up the water, preventing it from reaching your home.

If you need temporary options, try sandbags around the area. They will soak up some of the water, rather than it all coming into your home.

Keep Gutters and Drains Clear

Anything that blocks water from getting through drains will lead to flooding within the home. You want to make sure that all drains, gutters, and other elements around the home are kept clear. This will mean performing regular maintenance around the building.

During the fall, make sure you get rid of the fallen leaves. Remove them from the gutters every week or so. When the water can collect and flow through the gutter, it’s less likely to overspill into the home.

Unblock drains right away. Avoid putting any grease and oil down your plug. This can cause a blockage anywhere within the drainage system when it cools down and hardens. Don’t be afraid to call a plumber if you have a serious problem. It’s better than ending up with a burst pipe and having to deal with fool damage in Newport Beach.

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

Frozen pipes can lead to issues with cracking and bursting. The water within them expands when it turns to ice, and the material of the pipes isn’t designed to withstand that. You need to take steps to prevent your pipes from freezing as much as possible.

The best thing you can do is to regularly run the warm water. You don’t need a lot to keep the pipes warm throughout the day. Using the heating in your home can also help, as you prevent the cold air causing problems within the pipes. This is especially beneficial for metal pipes, as they can hold onto the heat that you offer with the warm water.

Rather than dealing with Newport Beach flood damage, you want to take steps to prevent it from happening. You can do this by preventing water leaking into your home. Sanitary, unsanitary, and black water can all cause problems within the home, but the three top tips above will help to keep you and your family safe.

Why You Need a Professional Flood Service in Orange County

7/12/2017 (Permalink)

Rather than tackle your home flooding alone, you should hire an Orange County flood service. This is a necessity, especially if you have black water in your home. Here’s a look at XX top reasons why you should hire a professional.

Professionals Don’t Just Tackle the Flood Water

Your first thought will be getting the water out of your home. You won’t necessarily think about the damage that the water has caused, until you start seeing it. The steps you take to get rid of the water could cause more damage in your home.

A professional flood service in Orange County will think ahead of the actual water. They’ll take steps to make sure as much of your home is restored as possible. Professionals will also know the type of items in your home that cannot be restored, sharing their advice along the way about what to do with your items.

Prevent Mold Growth in the Future

Water often leads to mold growth. This is especially a problem when you have unsanitary or black water. The last thing you want to do is put your family at risk of health problems linked to mold growth.

Professional services understand how important it is to tackle the flooding as soon as possible. They won’t just get rid of the water, but make sure items are dried as soon as possible to prevent mold growth. Their experience with other homes will tell them if there’s a chance mold will grow somewhere. They can offer their advice and suggestions to keep your home as family-friendly as possible.

They Can Act Immediately

When you first see the flooding, you’ll wonder where to start. It can take a few hours to figure out what you need to do first. Professional flood services don’t have this issue. They’ve dealt with many homes in a similar situation in the past. Whether it’s just your washing machine flooding all over your den or rain water flooding the whole home after a storm, an Orange County flood service will take immediate steps.

Immediate steps to repair and restore your home are essential. You’ll not just get rid of the water and return to your home, but you can find that fewer items will need disposing of. There’s less risk of mold forming within the dry wall and less damage to your flooring and home’s structure.

They’ll Have All the Right Equipment

It can cost a fortune to restore your home after flood damage yourself. You need to get dehumidifiers and equipment to funnel the water out of the home. While you will need to initially pay for the professional services, they will have all the equipment necessary. Everything that you could possibly need is included in that one payment to the service.

You’ll save more in the long term. This is especially the case when the services act quickly. You won’t have to replace as much, since the home is dried out sooner than it would be if you did it all yourself.

When your home is flooded, you want to consider a professional flood service in Orange County. This will help to protect your home and repair damage as soon as possible. Think of it as an investment that saves you a fortune in the future.

3 Signs You Have Mold in Orange County

7/12/2017 (Permalink)

Do you have a mold problem? You won’t initially know just by looking at your home in many cases. Orange County mold can grow in the floorboards or drywall. You can end up overlooking an issue, while your family gets sicker because of it. It’s time to be more proactive in searching for the mold in your home after flooding. Here are three signs you have mold in your home.

There’s a Musty Smell in Your Home

More often than not you will smell mold before you see it. This is especially when the mold is hiding in the walling or behind furniture. Mold in Orange County has a musty smell to it. It’s almost like there’s a dampness still in your home and as if parts of your home haven’t seen the light of day for a long time.

Follow your nose. If you think you can sense damp and smell this old and must scent, there are chances that you have some mold growing somewhere. As the mold gets worse, the scent will become more overpowering.

You See Spots on Your Walls or Furniture

Mold can initially look like dirt on the walls or furniture. When you wipe it off, you think you’ve gotten rid of the problem and you can move on. But then that stuff that looks like dirt returns.

Some mold is dark in color and other mold can actually look white! Black mold is more dangerous to your health than green mold, but both are bad. You want to make sure you get rid of them as soon as possible. Wiping up the mold from the surface doesn’t get rid of it. You need to take steps to avoid the heat and moisture and get rid of all mold spores in the home. You may need an Orange County mold removal service to get rid of it all.

There’s a Water Problem

You won’t always see the mold growth, but you’ll see the precursor to the mold issues. Water problems are the reason most mold grows. After all, the spores accumulate in areas that are dark, damp, and warm.

If you know you have a water problem in your home, such as a leaking pipe, you’ll need to watch out for mold growth in those sections of the home. Get the water problem fixed as soon as possible and then dry out the area as quickly as possible. This can help to prevent mold from forming in the first place. If you’re not quick enough with the drying, you will need to treat the growing spores.

The water problems may not actually be a leaking pipe. You may have condensation or a poorly ventilated room. You’ll need to take steps to prevent water accumulating in areas. Even clean water will lead to a mold issue.

Don’t be ashamed about mold growth in your home. Most people will have mold in Orange County at some point in their lives. It’s almost impossible to avoid it completely. You need to pay attention to the scents and sights around your home. These are the signs that you have an issue that could affect the health of everyone in your home.

3 Quick Tips for Removing Smoke Odors from Your Home

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

Smoke odor removal in Orange County doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. You can do it all naturally with ingredients that you likely already have in your home. If you’re still left with some smoke odors at the end of the week, it may be deeper in the woodwork and you need to hire a professional to help. But before you even think about that, try these three tips for Orange County smoke odor removal.

Pull Out the Vinegar

Let’s start with the vinegar. This is one of the most beneficial ingredients in your home, and not just to make your fries taste better. Vinegar deep cleans materials, without causing a lot of damage. While there is some acid, it’s much lighter than bleach and you will avoid some of the harsh chemical smells that replace the smoke odor.

Just a little bit of diluted vinegar is perfect for fabrics. Use it on your couch, bedding, and rugs to get rid of smoky scents, whether they’re from fire, cigarette smoke, or even BBQ smoke. If you don’t like the stronger scent of vinegar, add a little lemon juice to help freshen the smell.

Sprinkle Baking Soda Everywhere

While you likely have baking soda in the house for cooking, it’s also one of those natural cleaning products you need to use. Smoke odor removal in Orange County takes time, especially in carpets, mattresses, and other materials with deep fibers. Baking soda gets right into the fibers and removes the scents quickly and effectively.

You’ll want to add about two cups of baking soda to a colander for your carpets—a little less for mattresses and rugs. Shake it all over, as you would with the vacuum friendly carpet cleaners, and then leave for about an hour. Give this natural method a chance to work, and help it by brushing it into the fibers. After an hour, you just have to vacuum it up and you’ll remove that stench of smoke.

Use Lavender Along the Skirting Boards

Woodwork tends to hold onto scents, making Orange County smoke odor removal harder here. Cigarette smoke is especially difficult from skirting boards, and will start to discolor the material. It’s time to pull out the lavender essential oil.

The floral scent seeps into the woodwork, helping to attack the bad smells and remove them (rather than covering them up). It also creates a lining over the wood, preventing other scents from seeping into the wood fibers. You’ll need to use it once a week. Just add some lavender essential oil to a tissue and wipe it along the skirting boards generously.

Hire Before Replacement

Before you even think about replacing carpets and other materials because of the scent, hire a professional. They will have products that are tried and tested to work. If you’re worried about chemicals, talk to the companies to find out about the types of materials and ingredients they use. There are green companies out there that will only use natural products.

It is possible to do smoke odor removal in Orange County yourself. Consider the three options above. Replacing your items is not always necessary. Talk to a company first about getting rid of those strong odors.

Orange County Fire Damage Cleanup Tips Until Help Arrives

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

If you’ve suffered a fire, you will want to act quickly. Your focus will be on getting your home back to normal, as if the fire never happened. Fire damage cleanup in Orange County is available but it can take time for a team of professionals to get to you. What can you do in the meantime? Here are four top tips until help arrives.

Limit the Amount of Furniture Movement You Do

Soot will collect all over the place. Once you’ve got the go-ahead to return home, you’ll want to limit the amount of movement you do yourself. Moving just one item can dislodge some trapped soot and you end up spreading it around your home. You’ll make the situation worse, and the Orange County fire damage cleanup crew will have more work on their hands—costing you more.

If you are in doubt, don’t move the items. The team of professionals would rather tackle it themselves rather than devastate you with new purchases to make.

Use Clean Linen and Towels for Walk Ways

Avoid spreading the soot through the house on your shoes. Wherever there is foot traffic, lay down clean rugs, towels and linens. Use old ones that you don’t mind replacing once the fire damage cleanup in Orange County is complete.

Rather than carrying the soot around your carpets (getting the soot into the fibers) will you put it all on the materials that can be thrown away. When throwing them away, make sure you wrap them carefully or let the professionals handle them.

If you don’t have materials you can use in the home, buy some plastic sheets or decorating sheets instead. They will be worth the costs when you get to keep the majority of your carpets and rugs!

Avoid Washing Walls and Carpets

Orange County fire damage cleanup professionals will have the right items to use for cleaning. If you try to do it yourself, you run the risk of spreading the soot. Scrubbing just puts the dark soot deeper into woodwork and fibers.

Cleaning yourself can also lead to health damage. You dislodge the soot and start to breathe it in. The professionals will have the right safety equipment to prevent damage to their lungs.

Change Your HVAC Filter

The smoke will have gotten into the filter, where soot lodges. If you just turn on your appliance, you’ll spread the soot and smoke particles around your home. The best thing to do is change your filter and clean within the HVAC unit first.

Don’t use your HVAC before getting it checked. Fire damage may have stopped it working effectively or it may have even been the cause of the fire. Have a professional team make any repairs necessary and only use it when your electricity can be turned back on.

While you want to get your home back in order after fire damage, you need to take baby steps. Fire damage cleanup in Orange County is something that needs to take time. Professional help will get rid of all remnants of fire and help you get back to a normal life. The tips above are just actions you can take until the fire cleanup help arrives.

4 Tips for Mold Remediation in Newport Beach

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

What do you do if your home is growing mold? This could be black mold in the basement that you barely go in or green mold in the corner of your bedroom. Regardless of the reason, you need to act as quickly as possible to protect the health of you and your family. Here are four top tips for Newport Beach mold remediation.

Only Do This If You’re Not Allergic

Mold can be highly toxic. This is especially the case with black mold. If you have any allergies or breathing difficulties, you’ll want to avoid mold remediation in Newport Beach yourself. Hire a professional company to manage it instead.

If you are going to do it yourself, use the right clothing and equipment. Make sure your hands are covered with gloves and you use a mask over your face. Any mold spores once airborne can cause damage to your lungs and overall health. Mold is commonly linked to asthma and allergy irritation.

Try Home Remedies First

Start by using home and natural remedies to get rid of the mold in your home. This is just going to clean up the current issue and won’t necessarily stop all it in the future. We’re doing this one at a time right now. If the mold growth is small, you may be lucky that you get rid of all the spores.

Try out vinegar first. This is one of the most effective treatments for mold removal. You can add some lemon juice to help reduce the smell of the vinegar in your home.

When you’ve finished with the vinegar, wipe down with some water if the scent still sticks around. Make sure you fully dry out the area afterwards to avoid the growth of new mold spores.

Now it’s time to move onto something stronger, designed specifically to get rid of mold. Look into your options that won’t affect your breathing abilities or lung health.

Know When to Replace

There are certain materials where you just can’t get rid of all mold spores. This is highly common in carpets and dry wall. The mold spores get deep into the fibers, sticking around after you’ve used the home remedies or chemical treatments.

In these cases, you’ll need to remove and replace. You can replace just sections of your carpet if you’d like. However, it may be easier to replace all, especially if you have a specially patterned carpet.

Yes, this will be an expensive fix at times. However, it is much better to replace than have to deal with constant mold re-growths that constantly affect your house.

Repair the Reason for the Mold

Mold grows in areas that are damp and dark. The basement, kitchen, and bathroom are the most common areas for mold growth. However, the spores can appear anywhere in your home. Your piping behind your drywall can leak and create a damp space, perfect for mold spores multiplying and passing through your walls.

It’s no use just going through mold remediation in Newport Beach. You want to locate the reason for it. Assess any chance of leakage or lack of airflow in your home. For example, get an extraction fan in your bathroom to help remove the moisture after a bath or shower.

Hiring a professional Newport Beach mold remediation company will help save a lot of time and hassle. You’ll get people who understand how mold grows and why it forms. Not only will they get rid of the current mold growth, but they will also remove the reason for it forming.

5 Top Tips for Water Damage Restoration in Newport Beach

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

You have 24-48 hours to repair any water damage in your home. It doesn’t matter how big or small the flood is. Acting fast is essential to return your home almost to the standard it was before. Here are five top tips for fast Newport Beach water damage restoration.

Disconnect Water and Electronics

If the flood is still ongoing and a problem with your own water supply (such as a burst pipe), then the first thing you need to do is turn off the water. Make sure you turn off the electricity too. This will protect your health while wading around in any water trying to salvage items.

Shut them off at the mains. If you need help from the water or electricity company, contact them immediately. There may be a fee for working with the companies, especially when it comes to reconnecting.

Get Everything Possible Out of There

Remove anything that can be taken out of the home. The quicker you move items out of the water, the easier it will be to dry them fully within 24-48 hours. Try not to just move them to a dry part of the house. Outside will help to take advantage of sunny weather and natural air. If it is raining outside, then look towards a dry part of the house.

Anything that isn’t removable may not be salvageable. You will need to get the water out of the home as quickly as possible. A company specialising in water damage restoration in Newport Beach will be able to help determine whether items are salvageable and remove stagnant water quickly.

Remove the Water Anyway Possible

Even if you have to use buckets and towels, you want to get rid of the water as quickly as possible. The longer water stands, the more bacteria will grow. You create a breeding ground for mold growth. If you can use equipment like a sump pump to get rid of the water, then do so.

Once the flood water has been removed, consider ways to remove the dampness from the carpets, floorboards, and walls. Dehumidifiers and fans are excellent options. A Newport Beach water damage restoration company will help you get rid of the dampness in your home.

Discard and Save

Now it’s time to consider the items that can be dried out. Most clothing can be washed and dried out fully to prevent mold growth. You may find that your furniture and carpets can be saved from the water damage. Books and anything that doesn’t dry out within 48 hours will need to be discarded.

If you leave items damp for longer than 48 hours, bacteria will grow and mold starts to grow. This will affect your health.

All items that you do save will need to be disinfected, especially items that you can’t get through the washing machine and dryer.

Fix the Leak

Now that your home has been restored, it’s time to fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again. You may be lucky that it was a one-off instance of leaving the tap running. However, you may have a leaky pipe or an issue with a backed up toilet or sewer pump. While you may be tempted to fix temporarily, you need a permanent fix to protect your home from further damage.

Water damage restoration in Newport Beach is a time-consuming job. You need to act as quickly as possible. It can be easier to hire in professionals to get your home back in order, without future risks of mold growth and health problems.

Top Tips to Choose a Fire Damage Restoration Service in Orange County

3/28/2017 (Permalink)

Fires are devastating. You can lose everything that you’ve owned and precious memories from years gone by. While an Orange County fire damage restoration service can’t bring back everything, they can help to get rid of the evidence of the fire. You need to find a trustworthy and reliable fire damage restoration company and here are three top tips to do that.

Start by Talking to Your Insurance Agent

Discuss your needs with your insurance company first. There are chances that your home insurance provider will pay out for the work, but only if you choose a company from a specific list. This instantly helps to narrow down your options, as any fire damage restoration service in Orange County on the list will be vetted and reputable.

If you’re not bothered about your insurance company paying for the work or you don’t have home insurance, you can skip this tip. However, you may want to discuss with friends which companies are on the lists to help start narrowing down your list of options. You’ll want to have your budget in mind and make sure the firms aren’t going to go over that.

Talk to Companies About the Process

Find out more about the process that the fire damage restoration services will go through to repair and make good the problem. This is more than just ripping off wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint on. The services will want to check the structure of the property and find out if water removal is necessary.

Don’t hire a company who either doesn’t discuss this process or misses out some vital steps. You need to know from start to finish in detail to help compare what you get for the price. This is also a good way to find out if you will need to move out, especially if just one room was damaged.

Check Out Reviews from Others

The internet is your friend right now. You can discuss the companies with your friends and family members, but you’ll always want to find out what others say about individual firms. This is a good way to make sure you won’t be ripped off or you don’t let cowboys into your home. The last thing you want is poor work that leaves your home worse than it was when you started.

Make sure you go to third-party review sites for the information. While the testimonials on sites for any Orange County fire damage restoration service will help you get started, they are going to be overly positive. If there’s anything negative to say, people will say it all elsewhere.

Getting your home restored will be important on your list. It’s the only way that you can move on from the damage. Your insurance company may be able to help, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the other two tips. You’ll still want to find out about the steps a fire damage restoration service in Orange County will take and what you need to do to ensure a safe, restored home in the shortest amount of time possible.

4 Ways that SERVPRO of Orange County Will Help

3/28/2017 (Permalink)

In Orange County, SERVPRO has served residential and commercial buildings in a variety of ways. When you need to repair damage to your home, this is a company that you can rely on. Here are four ways that the restoration company will be able to help in your home.

Fire Damage Restoration

One of the most common ways SERVPRO of Orange County helps is through fire damage restoration. The company does more than cover up the damage. The team will work on looking at the amount of damage that has been done, since not all of it is superficial. This will help to ensure the structure is still good and work from there. If the structure needs work, the company will be able to help with this and will be able to give a clearer timescale for completion.

While working on the fire damage, SERVPRO will look into any water damage that has been caused. This moves us onto the next way they can help.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is the other one of the most common ways that Orange County SERVPRO helps families. Whether it’s from fire fighters tackling a fire, floods seeping through and causing damages to homes, or even a leaking pipe that has damaging walls and basements, you will need to restore your home.

SERVPRO won’t just look to cover up the damage, but work with you to salvage as much as you can. The company is also aware of the different types of water and what they mean for your belongings. The last thing anyone wants is you or your family members getting ill from the water.

With an emergency callout option, you can start work on repairing water damage as soon as possible. This can make all the difference in salvaging items and elements of  your home.

Mold Damage Repair and Removal

It doesn’t take long for water damage to turn into a health hazard. Within 48 hours, mold spores can start to grow. You may not even notice it at first, since mold prefers the dark and damp areas of your home. Some of it will be in your basement, but it could also be behind furniture and inside walls.

It’s important to have a professional team in Orange County, which is where SERVPRO comes into play. The team is well trained in mold spore locations and signs that you have mold damage. Not only will they get rid of the spores for you, but will ensure that those spores don’t come back again.

If you are hiring them for water damage restoration, they will look out for signs of spores forming throughout the work. This will ensure no need for an extra callout later.

Storm Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of Orange County has seen countless homes and commercial buildings destroyed by storms. Water damage, fire damage, and wind damage are all highly common. When you see it, it can bring you to tears and you fear that you’ll never live in your home again. SERVPRO doesn’t allow that to happen.

The team will be able to quickly assess all damage and determine everything that needs to be carried out. No job is too big to tackle, and the quick callout times will help to keep the repair work to a minimum.

These are the four top ways that SERVPRO of Orange County will help to improve your home. Whatever the problem, they can fix and restore it.