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Why Cleaning Smoke Damage in Orange County Is So Important

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

After a fire, whether big or small, you have a lot of work to do. You may be tempted to cut corners and that can mean overlooking some of the minor smoke damage in the home. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is extremely important. Here are all the downsides to leaving just a speck of the damage behind.

It’s Detrimental to the Lung Health

If you’re going to ignore all other reasons on this list, make sure you listen to this one. This is why it’s the number one reason on the list. Smoke damage does more than cause problems to the structure of your building. It’s detrimental to the health.

Smoke is made up of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot. There may be other chemicals depending on what was burned. All these are damaging to the lungs. You know that CO and CO2 are damaging, causing breathing problems and possibly death.

We have no idea what some of the chemicals will do to the lungs. Do you really want to find out? Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is the best way to protect your family.

It’s an Irritant

And it’s not just breathing problems that smoke can cause. While you will see some smoke damage, some of it hides inside walls and furniture. It gets into the clothing, ductwork and so many other parts of the home. You’re left with it easily transferring.

The toxins and chemicals in the smoke become an irritant on the skin. You and your family members can suffer from skin problems, including allergies and eczema. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is the only way to prevent these problems.

It Weakens the Structure of Your Home

Smoke particles with grow and expand. They’re a little like mold in the way they can accumulate over time and the only way to stop this is by getting rid of all smoke damage. If you allow the smoke to grow, you end up weakening the structure of the home.

The wood dries out and the brick work can start to crumble. Leaving the smoke damage can also lead to some water damage staying behind because you may not have checked the walls properly. The insulation isn’t as effective and can breed more health problems.

With a weaker structure, you’re putting your whole family at risk. You also put the resale value of your home down considerable, as buyers will need to do extra work to fix the structural problems.

It Looks Unsightly

Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County gets rid of the unsightly look. The black soot is visible on all surfaces. It’s hard to cover up with paint and it will damage fabrics.

You have that constant reminder of the fire. This can play on the mental health, as you constantly think about what could have happened, especially if the fire was a bad one.

When you suffer a fire, you need to take action to clean it all up. Smoke damage isn’t a small thing. It’s damaging to the health and your home. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is essential.

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