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How to Get Help to Your Flooded Commercial Property

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can strike your commercial property at any time. Flooding emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. Regardless if the damage occurs from a major storm event or a broken water line, SERVPRO of Newport Beach provides emergency restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week-including holidays. Here are a few simple steps that you will need to follow to help you get the help that you require to put the commercial property back to the way it was before the flood.

The first step that you need to take is take pictures of the property and contact your insurance company. You need to let them know about the damage so that they can help you get the damages covered as far as payment goes.

The way that they are going to help you with this is by helping you pay for the restoration to be done to the commercial property. This is going to be a big help for you and will help to ensure that you are able to get the damage cleaned up and the property restored to the way it was before the flood damage happened.

The second step you need to take is make a phone call to get help from the professionals. That is where we SERVPRO of Newport Beach falls into place. We as the professionals will help you with the restoration process for your commercial property.

SERVPRO will clean up the commercial property and restore the property so that you won’t even be able to tell that there was damage in the first place. It is smart to hire the professionals for a few different reasons. First, the professionals have the equipment and the cleaning products to make sure the entire property is cleaned up properly and that it is sanitized well.

Second, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure that all the damage is cleaned up and removed before they leave. Most people think of the damage that can only be seen, but when dealing with floods, the water can get into many areas of the property where you won’t be able to see it such as, under the floorboards, behind the walls, and many other places.

Third, the clean-up and restoration is a timely process.  We at SERVPRO of Newport Beach will be able to get it all cleaned up and restored in a timely manner, so you and your family can move forward.

The third step to take is to remove the belongings from the property that have not been damaged. This will prevent them from being damaged when the professionals are doing their job. Then once the professionals get there, you can let them do their job without fear that more damage will occur to those belongings.

Now that you know how to get flood service in Newport Beach, you can make these steps happen, so you can put this tragedy behind you where it should be. Make these steps happen now so you can get your commercial property restored to what is was before the damage, so you won’t even be able to tell there was a flood at all.

4 Natural Ways for Newport Beach Smoke Smell Removal

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Whether there’s been a fire, you’ve been burning a bonfire outside and the smoke has got in the room, or you’ve just burnt dinner, the smell of smoke in the home is off-putting. The best thing to do is to call in professionals, especially when it comes to smoke from fire damage. However, here are four natural ways to initially deal with Newport Beach smoke smell removal.

Use Vinegar Around Your Home

White vinegar works for this, but apple cider vinegar is one of the best options. Not only will you help to reduce smells but you can use it to clean your countertops, bathrooms, and more. There are a few ways to use vinegar to get rid of the smell of smoke.

Start by washing clothes and items in it. You only need a cup with your normal laundry detergent. The acid will help to break down the molecules causing the smell.

You can also boil the vinegar on your stove. This is an excellent way to deal with Newport Beach smoke smell removal from the kitchen, especially if you’ve burnt dinner!

Sprinkle Baking Soda Around the Home

If you’re dealing with hard to reach places, use baking soda. This is an alkaline that’s neutralizing against the smells. It’s also an excellent cleaner!

Place bowls of baking soda around your home. While the ingredient doesn’t have its own smell, it attracts smells and you’ll end up getting rid of them from around your home.

You can also use baking soda in your washing, especially on clothes. It’s mild so isn’t as likely to cause damage like vinegar can if you use too much!

Newport Beach Smoke Smell Removal with Apples

Another trick is to use apples around the home or in your car. This is only a temporary measure though. You’ll need to keep an eye on the fruit due to mold growth.

Apples are a naturally acidic fruit. There’s also a good smell to them, which offers pleasantness to the home. Just chop apples in half and place in the areas of the home suffering from the spell.

Don’t use apple juice for this. Apple juice is often full of added preservatives or sugars that cause bad smells quickly.

Opt for Vanilla Extract or Another Essential Oil

Essential oils are excellent for Newport Beach smoke smell removal. You can also use vanilla extract if you want to keep it as natural as possible.

Soak cotton wool balls in the extract or oil and then place strategically around the home. Every couple of days, you’ll want to replace the cotton wool balls. The scent will spread around the home. The downside is that this is one of the least permanent options as it often masks the smell instead of deals with it.

Many of the ideas for Newport Beach smoke smell removal are just temporary measures. You’ll still want to hire a professional to make sure the smell is completely done and to avoid damage later, especially if the smoke got into the home.

Why Hire Professionals Like SERVPRO to Deal with Water and Fire Damage Cleanup

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

When you initially suffer smoke or water damage, you’ll worry about the cost of the cleanup. Many of us have the idea of dealing with as much as we can alone. If we do it ourselves, we’ll save money, right? Well, water and fire damage cleanup are two areas you may want to hire professionals like SERVPRO from the very beginning.

While there is the issue of the cost outlay to begin, you’ll gain far more from your investment in the long run. In fact, making this decision could help you save more money. Here’s why you should hire water or fire damage cleanup professionals.

Get It Right the First Time

After water or fire damage, there’s a short amount of time to get everything cleaned up. Water will cause mold growth within 24-48 hours, so you only have a short amount of time to get everything dry. Is this really going to be a possibility?

It doesn’t matter what type of water damage has happened. Whether it’s a flooded bath, a burst pipe, or even flood water, you’ve got little time and you run the risk of causing more damage by doing it yourself. Hiring professionals from a company like SERVPRO will help you deal with everything right away.

Professionals have the right equipment to make sure everything possible is dried in the right amount of time. You’re paying for this equipment and they will certainly put it all to use.

More Time to Deal With Other Aspects

You don’t just have the cleanup to deal with. There are insurance companies to talk to, families to look after, and even redecorating decisions to make. You need the time to do everything and there are only so many hours in the day. Plus, the cleanup is where you need to spend your immediate attention.

When you hire professionals from SERVPRO, you get the benefit of extra time. You can deal with the other important aspects of the cleanup and allow the professionals to deal with the hassle of the cleanup. There are going to be times you’ll need to make an input but for the most part, you’ll be left alone to talk to insurance companies and spend time with your family.

Less Stress During the Cleanup

There’s so much to think about when it comes to fire and water damage cleanup. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of it all. It just becomes stressful and you can get to a breaking point.

Instead of handling it all yourself, professionals will be able to take on the stress. They’ve already got the experience, so will know the best ways to cleanup after whatever damage it is you’re facing. You can appreciate the fact that your family is safe from a fire. And if something bad did happen, you have the ability to deal with that instead of the stress of the cleanup at the same time.

When dealing with fire and water damage cleanup, don’t try to handle it all yourself. You’ll probably end up spending more money than hiring professionals like SERVPRO to deal with it all.

3 Top Reasons Smoke Removal in Newport Beach is Necessary

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke removal in Newport Beach is more frequently needed than you would like to believe. Smoke damage occurs for all types of reasons and not because there’s been a major fire in a home. Of course, smoke damage is usually due to a fire, but you can find damage occurs in neighboring rooms and even homes.

To avoid the need for smoke removal and restoration, make sure you know the most common reasons smoke appears. Here are the top three reasons for fires in the home.

Candles Being Left Burning

If you’re a fan of candles, make sure you put them out fully on a night. Never fall asleep with a candle burning and when you do use them, always make sure you get rid of anything around them. The open flame can easily catch onto a fuel source and that causes the fire to spread around the home.

They are certainly pretty to look at, but there are other ways that you can have the feel of candles. Consider battery-powered options instead that don’t have the open flame.

Cooking Units Not Being Watched

Cooking in the home is one of the biggest causes of fires and leads to the need for smoke removal in Newport Beach. When you are cooking, make sure you remain with your units at all times. Whether you have a gas or electric stove and oven, you need to make sure you’re watching for anything possibly connecting with the oil and potential open flames.

Never leave your cooking unattended, but also make sure you have extraction fans going. While you’re cooking, you can end up with some smoke. This may be from the items you’re cooking or from not cleaning the oven and stove properly. The smoke can be just as dangerous and destructive as the fire.

Make sure you clean your cooking units properly to prevent the smoke. This smoke can spread to other areas of the home, even without a fire, and cause health problems. You then need smoke removal in Newport Beach to deal with the damage.

Smoking in the Home

If you smoke, you will naturally have more smoke than others in your home. This is the case whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or even vape. The smoke gets into your air filters and spreads around the home. This can lead to secondhand smoke problems for others living in your home.

The smoke gets into the wood work and fabrics in the home. Even if you smoke outside, you can end up with he smoke wafting into your home. Now is the time to quit to look after your own health but also to prevent smoke from being in the home.

If you are going to smoke, make sure you at least put the cigarettes out fully. Just a few embers still burning can lead to a fire.

There are all sorts of reasons for smoke damage to occur. Sometimes it takes time and doesn’t need an actual fire to take place. Look out for smoke damage and take steps to avoid the need for smoke removal in Newport Beach.

Top Tips to Avoid Needing Fire Restoration Services in Newport Beach

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Fire restoration services in Newport Beach are needed far more often than you would think. That’s because fires happen far more often than you would like to believe. Whether accidental or deliberate, they occur on a daily basis.

The good news is there are steps you can take to avoid needing the restoration services because you can avoid fires happening. Take these top steps to prevent fires occurring or spreading. After all, most fires are accidental ones in the home.

Make Sure Your Smoke Alarms Work

Start with the smoke alarms. You’ll be surprised by the amount of people that don’t have them. People complain of them being too sensitive when cooking, so they remove them or don’t keep the battery in. You’re playing Russian roulette with yours and your family’s lives.

A smoke alarm is the first line of defense should a fire happen in the home. It will alert you to there being smoke in the house, which travels faster than a fire. Not only do you stand a chance of getting the family out, but you can also prevent a fire getting out of hand so that it needs complete fire restoration services in Newport Beach.

Have Your Heating Sources Inspected

Every now and then, you should make sure your heating sources are working properly. This should be done at least once a year, checking that the furnace and the individual units are working. Not only are you preventing them from causing a fire, but you can prevent them from causing carbon monoxide from spreading through the house.

Get a professional in to check on everything. Some fire restoration services in Newport Beach will also offer safety checks, but you can also go to a qualified technician or gas safety expert for this.

Keep the Stove and Oven Clear

Most fires will happen in the kitchen first. They’re often linked to cooking, especially if you have gas cookers. Make sure your oven and stove always remain clear, whether you’re cooking or not. All it takes is a burner to be left on and that flame catching onto a source of fuel for a fire to start.

When you are using the stove or oven, remain in the room with them. It’s tempting to get other things done, but during cooking is when some of the most serious accidents can happen. If a fire spreads when you’re there, you can put it out quickly and avoid needing the fire restoration services in Newport Beach.

Don’t Leave Items Plugged In

Faulty electrics are another common reason for fires. This could be in the wiring in your home (make sure you get your electrical units checked) or from the devices you’re using. Avoid leaving your items plugging into the sockets, especially overnight.

The only items that will usually be left plugged in are the fridge, freezer, and other items that need to run overnight. Don’t charge phones or computers overnight and use breakers to prevent faults breaking equipment.

With the above tips, you can prevent fires from happening. With that, you prevent the need for fire restoration services in Newport Beach and keep your family safe.

4 Ways SERVPRO in South Huntington Will Help You

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Newport Beach is one of the most well-known companies for fire and water damage restoration. Whether you’ve suffered an accidental fire, faced storm damage, or had a leak in the bathroom, there are services that will suit your need. But the services will do far more than just fix and restore the damage.

Not sure if this is the firm for your needs? Here are four ways SERVPRO of Newport Beach will help you.

Peace of Mind

The major benefit is the peace of mind. If you tried to do the restoration work yourself, you’d struggle. It’s a stressful time, trying to make sure everything is dried out quickly, the structures are safe, and you get to everywhere the damage could be.

The SERVPRO team will be fully experienced. Those who come out to you will know where to look for hidden damage and make sure everything is cleaned up quickly. You don’t have to worry about the what ifs in the future.

Solve the Tricky Problems

There is always something that comes up when disaster strikes. Whether it’s an unknown section of water damage in the walls or a room that suffered smoke damage because of the air filters, you need to make some tough decisions and solve the tricky problems. But why do that on your own?

The SERVPRO iof Newport Beach team will have the skills to be able to deal with the problems quickly and efficiently. This can help to prevent spreading the problem further and will help you gain that extra peace of mind.

Find the Source

Just patching up the damage isn’t an option. While you’ve fixed the current issue, you haven’t prevented it from happening again. This is where skilled people from SERVPRO will help.

They understand more about the reason behind the problem. If you have a leak that you can’t find, there are high chances that the professionals will. So, instead of constantly patching up the damage, you’ll get complete restoration work that will include fixing the actual issue.

Of course, this is much harder if the damage was from a storm, which leads us to the next benefit.

Solutions to Prevent the Issue

There’s nothing worse than constantly repairing damage that you feel you can’t do anything about. This is often the case when it comes to storm damage. You take time to pre-empt the damage by lifting carpets. But what if you could prevent the damage completely?

SERVPRO of Newport Beach will look at why the storms cause so much damage. Where are the weaknesses in your home that lead to water damage? Why do you end up with so much flooding? You can patch up these issues and prevent issues in the long term. You’ll not only get peace of mind, but you’ll save a fortune in the future.

It’s time to consider hiring the team at SERVPRO of Newport Beach. They’ll do more than just patch up a job quickly. You get peace of mind now and way into the future.

Prevent the Need for Water Damage Restoration in Orange County in the Winter

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

The winter is one of the most common times people need to hire someone for water damage restoration in Orange County. Not only is this the time of more snow and rainfall, but it’s also the time that freezing occurs. You’ll be surprised by the amount of homeowners suffer from frozen pipes.

When a pipe bursts, the water damage can be extreme. And it isn’t just in one room. You can find multiple rooms on multiple levels in the home are damaged. This can even take place in multiple units if you live in an apartment building.

It’s important to prevent pipes from freezing and then bursting. You also want to take steps to protect the home from the forces outside in the winter. Here’s how you can prevent the need for water damage restoration in Orange County.

Turn Your Heat On and Off

Even if you’re not going to be in the house, make sure your heating turns on for a few hours in the day. You want to set your thermostat to about 65F, especially if you’re not going to be in the house. This will allow the heating to turn on for a bit, warm up the space, and prevent the freezing cold from taking over.

You don’t need your heating on all the time. If you don’t want to set the heating to turn on once the heat gets to a certain level, have it set to turn on and off at particular times. Last thing at night and first thing on a morning will help counter the cold during the worst periods.

Shut Off Water Outside

If you have outside taps, make sure the water to them is shut off in the winter. This helps to prevent any water building up in these pipes so they can’t freeze and then burst. You’ll be surprised by the amount of people who don’t shut off their water!

The water outside can be black. If it runs into your home, the water damage restoration in Orange County is going to be much harsher and can lead to losing more belongings.

Insulate Your Pipes and Walls

Insulation is your best friend in the winter. It’s not just going to help keep your home warmer, but it can also prevent the pipes freezing and potentially bursting. Make sure all your outside walls are insulated – you may be able to get a tax deduction for this due to the heating and energy efficiency benefits.

You can also place insulation around the drains and pipes. This is beneficial for any drains or pipes outside the home that tend to freeze. You’ll prevent the inside from freezing because the cold temperatures don’t hit as much.

If you do end up with frozen pipes, you can use hot and cold water flowing through slowly to help unfreeze them. Turning up your thermostat a little extra can also help to thaw out the pipes. Doing both will help reduce the need for water damage restoration in Orange County.

Recovering from the Emotional Effects of Fire Damage Restoration in Orange County

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Most fires are accidental. The actual fire doesn’t have anything against you personally, but it can certainly feel like it. Not only are you and your family put at risk of the flames and smoke, but there’s so much damage afterward. It’s natural to have some emotional response to fire damage restoration in Orange County.

This can hinder the restoration process if you don’t take note of the understandable emotional responses. Help yourself and those around you with the following tips to recover from the emotional effects of fire damage and restoration.

Understand and Anticipate

The best thing to do is make sure you’re ready for the emotional response. You may think that you can handle it all and be prepared, but none of us have any idea how we will react in a stressful situation. The fight or flight mechanism kicks in. You can find yourself fighting with yourself and those around you in a negative way or in a positive way to get your home back to normal.

Likewise, you could find yourself running. Whatever you do, make sure you get professionals in for fire damage restoration in Orange County.

Try to anticipate the emotional response. Organize your feelings and know that they are understandable and acceptable. It’s how you react because of them that can help or hinder the situation.

There will be rage, stress, and even grief. Don’t worry about feeling like a part of you is gone. Your home is personal and your safe space and losing memorable items will take you through a grieving process.

Take Some Time for Yourself

One of the beauties about getting professionals to deal with the fire damage restoration in Orange County is that you can step away. A good thing to do is put your own emotional needs first. Step away from the house and only be there when you’re definitely needed.

The process of the restoration is long and tricky. You won’t want to get rid of items that have a story but the professionals know what can be salvaged and what can’t.

You’ll need your physical strength when it comes to redoing your home after the initial restoration. Your family will need help emotionally during this process, especially children. Look after yourself, so you have the emotional and physical energy to help them later.

Allow Yourself to Show Your Feelings

There’s nothing wrong with showing that you’re upset. In fact, it’s important that you do show this when you’re going through the process of fire damage restoration in Orange County. Your children will need to see that it’s normal to feel upset and scared. They need to know that they can let their feelings out too.

Bottling up will just make everything much harder. You’ll put yourself under unnecessary stress and extra emotion.

Are you struggling to deal with the emotional effects of fire damage restoration in Orange County? You’re certainly not the only one. With the above tips, you’ll be ready to deal with the emotional roller coaster ride you’re sent through and help others to do the same.

Flood Damage in Newport Beach: 4 Sneaky Signs of Flooding

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Taking care of flood damage in Newport Beach as soon as possible is crucial. This helps to protect your belongings and your home, while also putting the health of loved ones first. To take care of flood damage, you need to know that it’s even a problem. Here are four sneak signs of flooding and water damage somewhere in your home.

There’s a Smell of Mold

At first, you’ll see the mold appear. However, over time, it has an odor. If there’s mold somewhere in the walls of your home or even under the flooring, you’re likely to smell the flooding before you see it. Check for any musty smells around the home, almost as if the outside is now inside somewhere. It can also smell like you haven’t been in a room for a few days.

There are times that you’ll initially cover the smell. It’s a normal reaction, especially if you can’t immediately tell where that smell has come from. However, the mild scents won’t overpower it. You’ll need a strong air freshener.

Just remember that covering it up doesn’t help. You’ll need to get someone to help deal with flood damage in Newport Beach.

Carpets or Upholstery Is Stained

Keep a look at patches on your wall or even around your flooring. If you have upholstery or carpets around the flooring, look out for stains and patches that just don’t quite match. This isn’t a sign of aging, but a sign of damage.

There’s a high chance that there’s some flooding around the area. You’ll see the patches grow with time, as the water and the mold damage spreads. It’s important to deal with this damage right away, as the mold fibers will stick around when you clean and cause more damage in the future.

Sometimes, you’ll be able to feel the dampness. Your carpet may feel soggy or you may feel like there’s a pool of water somewhere.

Rust Appearing Around Hinges

A lot of hidden flood damage in Newport Beach is within the walls. You’ll need to look for external signs that there’s an issue and a common one is rust around hinges. Sometimes the signs can be overlooked, especially when dealing with shutter hinges or outside door hinges, as you can think it’s to do with the outside weather.

Rust can appear in other parts of the home, too. Look out for rust around the taps in the kitchen or bathroom. Check around the pipes that you can see and any other metal work in the house.

Cracks Along the Wall or Ceiling

A major sign of flood damage in Newport Beach is cracks forming on the ceiling or along the walls. This is a sign that your drywall or your plaster is starting to crumble from the water damage. You’re weakening the system within the house and run the risk of further damage, including the bathroom until falling through.

Take this sign seriously. You’ll be surprised at the amount of smaller cracks that are overlooked and even painted over.

Look out for signs of flood damage in Newport Beach. The sooner you get it seen to the less you’ll pay in the long run.

Why Cleaning Smoke Damage in Orange County Is So Important

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

After a fire, whether big or small, you have a lot of work to do. You may be tempted to cut corners and that can mean overlooking some of the minor smoke damage in the home. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is extremely important. Here are all the downsides to leaving just a speck of the damage behind.

It’s Detrimental to the Lung Health

If you’re going to ignore all other reasons on this list, make sure you listen to this one. This is why it’s the number one reason on the list. Smoke damage does more than cause problems to the structure of your building. It’s detrimental to the health.

Smoke is made up of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot. There may be other chemicals depending on what was burned. All these are damaging to the lungs. You know that CO and CO2 are damaging, causing breathing problems and possibly death.

We have no idea what some of the chemicals will do to the lungs. Do you really want to find out? Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is the best way to protect your family.

It’s an Irritant

And it’s not just breathing problems that smoke can cause. While you will see some smoke damage, some of it hides inside walls and furniture. It gets into the clothing, ductwork and so many other parts of the home. You’re left with it easily transferring.

The toxins and chemicals in the smoke become an irritant on the skin. You and your family members can suffer from skin problems, including allergies and eczema. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is the only way to prevent these problems.

It Weakens the Structure of Your Home

Smoke particles with grow and expand. They’re a little like mold in the way they can accumulate over time and the only way to stop this is by getting rid of all smoke damage. If you allow the smoke to grow, you end up weakening the structure of the home.

The wood dries out and the brick work can start to crumble. Leaving the smoke damage can also lead to some water damage staying behind because you may not have checked the walls properly. The insulation isn’t as effective and can breed more health problems.

With a weaker structure, you’re putting your whole family at risk. You also put the resale value of your home down considerable, as buyers will need to do extra work to fix the structural problems.

It Looks Unsightly

Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County gets rid of the unsightly look. The black soot is visible on all surfaces. It’s hard to cover up with paint and it will damage fabrics.

You have that constant reminder of the fire. This can play on the mental health, as you constantly think about what could have happened, especially if the fire was a bad one.

When you suffer a fire, you need to take action to clean it all up. Smoke damage isn’t a small thing. It’s damaging to the health and your home. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is essential.