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Prevent the Need for Water Damage Restoration in Orange County in the Winter

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

The winter is one of the most common times people need to hire someone for water damage restoration in Orange County. Not only is this the time of more snow and rainfall, but it’s also the time that freezing occurs. You’ll be surprised by the amount of homeowners suffer from frozen pipes.

When a pipe bursts, the water damage can be extreme. And it isn’t just in one room. You can find multiple rooms on multiple levels in the home are damaged. This can even take place in multiple units if you live in an apartment building.

It’s important to prevent pipes from freezing and then bursting. You also want to take steps to protect the home from the forces outside in the winter. Here’s how you can prevent the need for water damage restoration in Orange County.

Turn Your Heat On and Off

Even if you’re not going to be in the house, make sure your heating turns on for a few hours in the day. You want to set your thermostat to about 65F, especially if you’re not going to be in the house. This will allow the heating to turn on for a bit, warm up the space, and prevent the freezing cold from taking over.

You don’t need your heating on all the time. If you don’t want to set the heating to turn on once the heat gets to a certain level, have it set to turn on and off at particular times. Last thing at night and first thing on a morning will help counter the cold during the worst periods.

Shut Off Water Outside

If you have outside taps, make sure the water to them is shut off in the winter. This helps to prevent any water building up in these pipes so they can’t freeze and then burst. You’ll be surprised by the amount of people who don’t shut off their water!

The water outside can be black. If it runs into your home, the water damage restoration in Orange County is going to be much harsher and can lead to losing more belongings.

Insulate Your Pipes and Walls

Insulation is your best friend in the winter. It’s not just going to help keep your home warmer, but it can also prevent the pipes freezing and potentially bursting. Make sure all your outside walls are insulated – you may be able to get a tax deduction for this due to the heating and energy efficiency benefits.

You can also place insulation around the drains and pipes. This is beneficial for any drains or pipes outside the home that tend to freeze. You’ll prevent the inside from freezing because the cold temperatures don’t hit as much.

If you do end up with frozen pipes, you can use hot and cold water flowing through slowly to help unfreeze them. Turning up your thermostat a little extra can also help to thaw out the pipes. Doing both will help reduce the need for water damage restoration in Orange County.

Recovering from the Emotional Effects of Fire Damage Restoration in Orange County

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Most fires are accidental. The actual fire doesn’t have anything against you personally, but it can certainly feel like it. Not only are you and your family put at risk of the flames and smoke, but there’s so much damage afterward. It’s natural to have some emotional response to fire damage restoration in Orange County.

This can hinder the restoration process if you don’t take note of the understandable emotional responses. Help yourself and those around you with the following tips to recover from the emotional effects of fire damage and restoration.

Understand and Anticipate

The best thing to do is make sure you’re ready for the emotional response. You may think that you can handle it all and be prepared, but none of us have any idea how we will react in a stressful situation. The fight or flight mechanism kicks in. You can find yourself fighting with yourself and those around you in a negative way or in a positive way to get your home back to normal.

Likewise, you could find yourself running. Whatever you do, make sure you get professionals in for fire damage restoration in Orange County.

Try to anticipate the emotional response. Organize your feelings and know that they are understandable and acceptable. It’s how you react because of them that can help or hinder the situation.

There will be rage, stress, and even grief. Don’t worry about feeling like a part of you is gone. Your home is personal and your safe space and losing memorable items will take you through a grieving process.

Take Some Time for Yourself

One of the beauties about getting professionals to deal with the fire damage restoration in Orange County is that you can step away. A good thing to do is put your own emotional needs first. Step away from the house and only be there when you’re definitely needed.

The process of the restoration is long and tricky. You won’t want to get rid of items that have a story but the professionals know what can be salvaged and what can’t.

You’ll need your physical strength when it comes to redoing your home after the initial restoration. Your family will need help emotionally during this process, especially children. Look after yourself, so you have the emotional and physical energy to help them later.

Allow Yourself to Show Your Feelings

There’s nothing wrong with showing that you’re upset. In fact, it’s important that you do show this when you’re going through the process of fire damage restoration in Orange County. Your children will need to see that it’s normal to feel upset and scared. They need to know that they can let their feelings out too.

Bottling up will just make everything much harder. You’ll put yourself under unnecessary stress and extra emotion.

Are you struggling to deal with the emotional effects of fire damage restoration in Orange County? You’re certainly not the only one. With the above tips, you’ll be ready to deal with the emotional roller coaster ride you’re sent through and help others to do the same.

Flood Damage in Newport Beach: 4 Sneaky Signs of Flooding

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

Taking care of flood damage in Newport Beach as soon as possible is crucial. This helps to protect your belongings and your home, while also putting the health of loved ones first. To take care of flood damage, you need to know that it’s even a problem. Here are four sneak signs of flooding and water damage somewhere in your home.

There’s a Smell of Mold

At first, you’ll see the mold appear. However, over time, it has an odor. If there’s mold somewhere in the walls of your home or even under the flooring, you’re likely to smell the flooding before you see it. Check for any musty smells around the home, almost as if the outside is now inside somewhere. It can also smell like you haven’t been in a room for a few days.

There are times that you’ll initially cover the smell. It’s a normal reaction, especially if you can’t immediately tell where that smell has come from. However, the mild scents won’t overpower it. You’ll need a strong air freshener.

Just remember that covering it up doesn’t help. You’ll need to get someone to help deal with flood damage in Newport Beach.

Carpets or Upholstery Is Stained

Keep a look at patches on your wall or even around your flooring. If you have upholstery or carpets around the flooring, look out for stains and patches that just don’t quite match. This isn’t a sign of aging, but a sign of damage.

There’s a high chance that there’s some flooding around the area. You’ll see the patches grow with time, as the water and the mold damage spreads. It’s important to deal with this damage right away, as the mold fibers will stick around when you clean and cause more damage in the future.

Sometimes, you’ll be able to feel the dampness. Your carpet may feel soggy or you may feel like there’s a pool of water somewhere.

Rust Appearing Around Hinges

A lot of hidden flood damage in Newport Beach is within the walls. You’ll need to look for external signs that there’s an issue and a common one is rust around hinges. Sometimes the signs can be overlooked, especially when dealing with shutter hinges or outside door hinges, as you can think it’s to do with the outside weather.

Rust can appear in other parts of the home, too. Look out for rust around the taps in the kitchen or bathroom. Check around the pipes that you can see and any other metal work in the house.

Cracks Along the Wall or Ceiling

A major sign of flood damage in Newport Beach is cracks forming on the ceiling or along the walls. This is a sign that your drywall or your plaster is starting to crumble from the water damage. You’re weakening the system within the house and run the risk of further damage, including the bathroom until falling through.

Take this sign seriously. You’ll be surprised at the amount of smaller cracks that are overlooked and even painted over.

Look out for signs of flood damage in Newport Beach. The sooner you get it seen to the less you’ll pay in the long run.

Why Cleaning Smoke Damage in Orange County Is So Important

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

After a fire, whether big or small, you have a lot of work to do. You may be tempted to cut corners and that can mean overlooking some of the minor smoke damage in the home. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is extremely important. Here are all the downsides to leaving just a speck of the damage behind.

It’s Detrimental to the Lung Health

If you’re going to ignore all other reasons on this list, make sure you listen to this one. This is why it’s the number one reason on the list. Smoke damage does more than cause problems to the structure of your building. It’s detrimental to the health.

Smoke is made up of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and soot. There may be other chemicals depending on what was burned. All these are damaging to the lungs. You know that CO and CO2 are damaging, causing breathing problems and possibly death.

We have no idea what some of the chemicals will do to the lungs. Do you really want to find out? Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is the best way to protect your family.

It’s an Irritant

And it’s not just breathing problems that smoke can cause. While you will see some smoke damage, some of it hides inside walls and furniture. It gets into the clothing, ductwork and so many other parts of the home. You’re left with it easily transferring.

The toxins and chemicals in the smoke become an irritant on the skin. You and your family members can suffer from skin problems, including allergies and eczema. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is the only way to prevent these problems.

It Weakens the Structure of Your Home

Smoke particles with grow and expand. They’re a little like mold in the way they can accumulate over time and the only way to stop this is by getting rid of all smoke damage. If you allow the smoke to grow, you end up weakening the structure of the home.

The wood dries out and the brick work can start to crumble. Leaving the smoke damage can also lead to some water damage staying behind because you may not have checked the walls properly. The insulation isn’t as effective and can breed more health problems.

With a weaker structure, you’re putting your whole family at risk. You also put the resale value of your home down considerable, as buyers will need to do extra work to fix the structural problems.

It Looks Unsightly

Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County gets rid of the unsightly look. The black soot is visible on all surfaces. It’s hard to cover up with paint and it will damage fabrics.

You have that constant reminder of the fire. This can play on the mental health, as you constantly think about what could have happened, especially if the fire was a bad one.

When you suffer a fire, you need to take action to clean it all up. Smoke damage isn’t a small thing. It’s damaging to the health and your home. Cleaning smoke damage in Orange County is essential.

How to Prepare Yourself Mentally to Repair Fire Damage in Newport Beach

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Newport Beach is far more common than you would think. A faulty electrical appliance, oil spills in the kitchen, and even arson attacks do happen and they can be devastating. It’s easy to think that it won’t happen to you and then you’re left dealing with the scary aftermath.

After the fire, it’s all about repairing the damage. Hiring a professional is the best thing you can do, since this can be a mentally draining process. Get ready for the process with these top tips.

Don’t Focus Too Much on the Losses

This is certainly easier said than done. While fires can be natural and accidental, there’s still a personal element to them. This is especially the case if the fire has ravaged the whole home. You focus on the things that are gone, the memories that are lost.

Try not to focus on these losses. There’s nothing that you can do about them. The memories are still in your mind and you can make new ones with your family. Many of us even have digital memories saved on the cloud, which means they’re not all gone.

While it’s hard, you want to take a step back from the fire damage in Newport Beach. Hiring a professional to deal with the repair helps with that since you don’t have to see everything that is lost.

Focus on the Saves

To help take your mind off the losses, look at everything that you can save. Look at the items that just need a wash or will need a quick treatment. You can also focus on the rooms that weren’t touched apart from a little smoke damage that can be repaired quickly.

It’s also important to focus on your family. Hopefully, the fire wasn’t so bad that it took a life. Focus on the positive if this was the case, that the people who matter are there with you.

Try to Get Away from It All

In many situations, the company hired to repair fire damage in Newport Beach won’t need you there. In fact, they want you to stay away to avoid health problems due to the fire and smoke damage. Use this to your advantage to get away.

If you can, stay with family or close friends. Having that support is a great way to get through the initial nervous period; that point when you start thinking of everything that could have happened—remember that it didn’t happen.

Take the time to get away on a vacation with the family if you can. Spend some time together and immediately start making your new memories and getting items to replace the ones that were lost in the blaze.

Fire damage in Newport Beach may be common, but it plays on the mind and soul. You can take steps to prepare yourself mentally for the cleanup process. If you want or need to be there, make a pact with yourself to focus on what you still have. Otherwise, try to get away and leave the professionals to their job.

Surprising Causes of Water Damage in Orange County

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

One of the downsides of being a homeowner is having to deal with all the hassle that comes with home repairs and damage control. Water damage is Orange County is more common than you would think. While you initially think of storms or flooding causing the problem, you may be surprised to find out a lot of water damage is from items inside the home.

Here are the most surprising reasons for water damage in your home. You may be surprised by the problems.

Overflowing Baths and Sinks

You know these cause damage, but you may be surprised to find out how much could happen. When water overflows, it will get into the gaps and cracks within tiles, flooring, and more. You’ll need to dry everything out as quickly as possible.

In most cases, you will get the problem dried up within 24 hours. It usually takes much less than that! However, if you have flooring with a lot of gaps or don’t take it seriously around carpets and area rugs, you could find a long-term problem. The dampness leads to mold and health problems.

Overflowing water can also weaken the floor, leading to major damage through the ceilings. It gets into the electrical circuit, so needs to be rectified immediately.

Blocked Toilets and Plugs

Both of these can lead to overflowing water, but that’s not the main reason for water damage in Orange County to occur. It’s all linked to the pipes.

When your toilets and plug holes become blocked, there’s an excess of pressure in the pipes. They expand and start to crack from the pressure and in some cases they can burst. This leads to them spilling water, but not where you would initially see.

You can end up with water damage inside the walls, under flooring, and even outside that causes issues for the structure of your property. You need to get this cleaned up as soon as possible.

High Humidity Levels in the Basement

When the temperatures rise in older homes, the basements suffer from high humidity levels. This means there’s moisture in the air, which can cause dampness in the walls, ceiling, and other parts of the home. Plus, there’s no ventilation in many basements, which can lead to further moisture problems. And if your basement is used as the laundry room, you had further temperatures.

You’ll often find that basements are where mold growth appears. It’s important to restore any water damage in Orange County in these rooms to avoid health and structure problems in the future. The problem is that they can go overlooked unless you purposely look out for them.

You can avoid this by ventilating the room and adding a dehumifier.

Are you surprised at some common causes of water damage in Orange County? Consider if they could be happening to your home and take overflowing sinks and baths more seriously. You could prevent a number of health problems and future damage in your homes, including asthma and structural damage.

What Happens When You Hire a Restoration Company in Orange County

10/2/2018 (Permalink)

A restoration company in Orange County is usually the first port of call after major damage to your home. Whether it’s from water, fire, or even storms, you’ll want to get a professional in to help return your house to normal.

What exactly will a company do when they’re hired? This is worth knowing to understand timings, steps, and what you need to do.

Assessing the Damage

The first stage is to assess the damage that was caused. A restoration company in Orange Country will need to figure out what has happened and the type of work that is required.

If you’ve suffered storm damage, various parts of your home will have suffered. Fire damage also brings some water damage. Meanwhile, water damage can affect the structure of the home and cause problems to the electrics.

The company will be able to evaluate all the work that’s needed, the equipment required, and the number of people in the team needed. This helps the company set out an estimate and time frame.

Getting Rid of Moisture and Dampness

When just starting, the restoration company in Orange county will get rid of the water and dampness. After that, it’s up to the company to prevent any further dampness and moisture getting in. If you’ve had to have the house leveled and rebuilt or you’ve got issues with broken windows and damaged roofs, the company will ensure the rest of the house isn’t damaged in the future.

It’s important to get rid of all the moisture. Just one little bit can lead to mold growth, causing health problems.

Removing All the Smoke

If your home suffered fire damage, all the smoke residue needs to be removed. This is more than just wiping away the black spots on the wall. The company will need to get into the walls and make sure there is no soot. Smoke left behind can cause breathing problems.

This can be done at the same time has managing the dampness. However, it’s often a slightly lower priority to dampness, which needs removing in 24-48 hours.

Choosing to Repair, Salvage, and Rebuild

The restoration company in Orange County will help you determine which parts of the home can be salvaged and repaired and which parts will need rebuilding. It’s up to you if you want to follow the advice, but a good restoration company will have worked on other houses and seen what happens afterwards.

Sometimes, the restoration may be in two minds if you’ve got them in very early. They may be able to salvage depending on the complexities. They’ll be able to discuss the best cost options for your budget and preferences.

For the most part, the companies like to repair and salvage. After all, your items in the home will be sentimental and could be costly to replace.

Make sure you hire a highly rated restoration company in Orange County. Your insurance company will be able to help, but you don’t have to choose the companies they pay out for. However, you need to act fast.

Do I Really Need Smoke Damage Restoration in Orange County?

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

You’ve likely heard of companies that offer smoke damage restoration in Orange County. For the most part, you hope you never need them, but there’s always the chance of a fire or other type of smoke damage. Do you really need to hire a restoration company to help?

The short answer is yes. Smoke damage is a problem for the home and your family. It can pose serious health risks. Here’s just why you need to hire a company for smoke damage restoration.

Smoke Gets Everywhere

One of the biggest problem is that smoke gets everywhere. Even rooms where there hasn’t been a fire can suffer from smoke damage. It gets in the walls, the furniture, and the carpets.

Smoke leaves behind an odor, which will stick for years to come if not removed. The particles can also lead to damage within the framework in the home and cause health problems for your family, including aggravated asthma and other breathing problems.

When you get smoke damage restoration in Orange County, the professionals don’t just look at the room the initial damage occurred. They’ll look at the whole house and the structure to ensure your home is completely safe.

You Can End Up Spreading the Smoke

It’s not just about the rooms, either. The smoke will get into the air conditioning vents and the furnace. You run the risk of spreading the smoke further around your home when you turn them on. And the appliances are damaged form the smoke.

You’ll need to do more than a quick clean of the filters. Part of smoke damage restoration in Orange County involves the cleaning of the full HVAC system. The professionals will make sure any element of soot is removed to keep you from spreading more around the home.

Smoke Is Highly Corrosive

If you leave smoke, even just a little, to sit on your walls or furniture, you will find that it corrodes through over time. It looks like just a layer of black on the walls that you can scrub away or paint over, but it’s doing a lot of extra damage under the surface.

This can lead to your furniture not lasting as long as it should. In more serious cases, it can lead to the weakening of the house structure, making your home unsafe.

And the same applies to the lungs. If you leave the smoke in the home, the particles will become airborne. This leads to everyone breathing them in and the particles sitting in the lungs for a prolonged time. You’re not just causing or aggravating breathing problems, but putting the whole life at risk. Smoke in the lungs can lead to serious complications like COPD and lung cancer.

The best thing you can do is get smoke damage restoration in Orange County. You’re not just getting rid of the physical appearance of the smoke, but everything that lies underneath. Hiring professionals is certainly an invaluable decision for the future of your home and your family.

3 Types of Water SERVPRO of South Newport Beach Needs You to Know About

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

There are three main types of flood water to be concerned about. SERVPRO of South Newport Beach can handle restoration of all three types, but each type will require a different level of care and restoration. Here are those three you need to be aware of to know how to tackle the repair work.

Clean Water: No Immediate Health Threat

Clean water is one of the most common types you’ll see when it comes to flooding in your home. It’s also the safest of the three. While you need to act quickly to avoid too much damage, there’s no immediate health threat to the family.

In some of the most common instances, clean water flooding is due to broken or burst pipes and water lines, rainwater, and snow melting around the home. If the water runs over building surfaces, it can often move up a category.

You’ll need to act within 24-48 hours to start drying out the property to avoid mold growth and permanent loss of some items. One of the downsides to this type of flooding is that it can go unnoticed under floorboards or inside walls. A restoration company like SERVPRO of South Newport Beach will be able to find the exact source to avoid future damage while cleaning up the current water damage.

Grey Water: Possible Health Risk

The next classification is grey water, which may pose a potential health risk. This will depend on a number of factors, including whether it runs over building surfaces. If it does, it will usually move up a category.

You’ll usually find grey water from overflowing sinks, broken showers, discharge from washing machines and dishwashers, and from burst waterbeds and aquariums. You’ll still need to act quickly, usually within 48 hours, to ensure minimal damage.

Turn off the water supply immediately to prevent further damage. The good news is you’ll usually see this water damage right away unless it’s from a pipe or connections behind the washing machine or dishwasher (for example).

Black Water: Definite Health Risk

Black water isn’t as common for home flooding but it can happen. It prevents an immediate risk to the health and is definitely the one you immediately want to call for a restoration company like SERVPRO of South Newport Beach.

Flood water that contains soil or sewage (so usually from overflowing river banks and burst sewer mains) is classed as black water. It often includes the likes of fungi, mold, and bacteria that lead to various diseases. Some of the most common diseases due to black water include cholera, typhoid, and norovirus.

Immediate action is needed to restore as much as possible. In the majority of cases, items need to be thrown out, as it’s not possible to get rid of the bacteria growth.

Make sure you know the type of water damage you’re dealing with. This can help you get to work with a company like SERVPRO of South Newport Beach to make sure your home and family are projects and as much as restored as possible.

4 Quick Tips for Smoke Smell Removal in Newport Beach

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

When there’s been smoke of any type in the home, it leaves behind an odor. Newport Beach some smell removal is possible without always calling on the professionals. This is especially the case when it comes to a guest smoking in your home, the smell of something burning in the oven, or something else minor. Here are four quick tips to remove smells of smoke from your home.

  1. Apply Diluted Vinegar to Your Upholstery

When it comes to furniture, you’ll need to get the white vinegar out. This is a good option for natural cleaning and it will lift out the reason for the smell instead of covering it up. Make sure you dilute the vinegar! While the liquid is good for smoke smell removal in Newport Beach, it will also bleach the color of your fabrics with the acidic content. This is also good for bedding, pillows, etc. Put the items in the washing machine and use the vinegar instead of your usual detergent.

  1. Use Baking Soda on Carpets

Baking soda is a neutralizer. It attacks the odor and will balance the smell back out. It’s certainly something you’ll want to consider for your carpets in the home. Just sprinkle it over, brush it into the fibers, and then vacuum it all up. You can also use this on some of your furniture. It’s better than vinegar, as it doesn’t stain or bleach.

  1. Use Vinegar and Lavender Along the Skirting Boards

The smoke odor will settle into the wooden parts of your home and in the walls. It’s time to break out the vinegar and lavender essential oil. Mix the two together with some water and use a cloth to run the mixture along the skirting boards. There’s no need to remove this mixture afterwards, as you want it to soak into the wood. You’ll not just take care of Newport Beach smoke smell removal, but help to prevent smells clinging to the wood in the future.

  1. Consider an Ozone Machine

If you have stubborn smoke smells, you’ll want to take a more effective and efficient approach. One thing you’l want to invest in is an Ozone machine. These machines emit molecules into the air that settle onto the surfaces. They work to gain complete smoke smell removal in Newport Beach, as they force the molecules of the smell to dissipate.

You can buy an Ozone machine, but sometimes you just need one for a short space of time. Consider getting in touch with a restoration company like SERVPRO of Newport Beach. These machines are used during restoration work and are available to rent on a regular basis or just as a one-off if there’s been a smell you just can’t get rid of.

Are you dealing with Newport Beach smoke smell removal? Consider your options carefully. You don’t want to just cover up the smell, but completely get rid of it. The latter is what the four options above will help to do.