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Hurricane cleanup

SERVPRO Newport Beach goes to Houston

Yes we will travel for large storm events.  This property was in Houston from Hurricane Harvey.  We performed a standard "flood cut" on the drywall, cleaned and dried framing to get it ready for the rebuild work.  


Flooding cleanup

SERVPRO performed demo on property damage by Hurricane Harvey.  Typical of flooding, cuts will be made at a 2' or 4' level to facilitate drying and repairs.  All exposed framing is cleaned and ready for repairs.

Kitchen Fire cleanup

SERVPRO getting it done

Small kitchen fire cleanup underway.  Some fire damage debris removed and now cleaning of the structure cabinets and flooring.  Even areas that doesn't appear to have smoke damage sometimes can be source of lingering odors. 

Fire cleanup Newport Beach

Where to start?

Fire damage can be overwhelming.  Call SERVPRO to start the process.  This is not something you want to tackle alone.  We can take it step by step to get your property back to preloss condition.  

COVID-19 sanitizing electrostatic

SERVPRO cleaning

SERVPRO techs all suited up with ppe appropriate for the cleaning service taking place.  Antimicrobial being applied via electrostatic spray and then follow up with a high touch wipe down.

COVID sanitizing

Commercial sanitizing

SERVPRO team performing a sanitizing service on a commercial property.  Fine mist or fog is applied to surfaces enabling the sanitizing product to take affect.  This process is a supplement to your normal janitorial type cleaning.

FLIR moisture meter

Checking for moisture

SERVPRO tech verifying moisture content of suspect drywall.  Moisture meters provide a moisture content percentage which can be compared with unaffected areas.  This helps determine when affected materials have reached a normal moisture content, or drying goal.

SERVPRO workers on carpet

We care about your property

SERVPRO of Newport Beach team hard at work laying down carpet protection prior to commencing with water damage remediation in a section of the family room.  Demo of walls can be messy work, but taking a few extra steps can protect the rest of the property

Moisture meter

Professional Equipment

SERVPRO techs are trained on use of moisture meters to detect hidden areas of water damage.  These are not cheap instruments but the right tools for the job when your properties restoration is on the line.

Wood floor damage

Protecting your property

Just as important to cleaning up the affected area of your property is the protection of the areas not affected.  Here at SERVPRO we use floor protection and containment barriers where necessary.

SERVPRO Newport Beach ID cards

Do you know who is coming?

SERVPRO employees are all background checked regularly.  Recently we have started also have identification badges as well for our clients.  SERVPRO of Newport Beach values your trust in allowing us to provide our services on your property.

Water damage cleanup

SERVPRO hard at work

SERVPRO employee going to work on some needed demo on a commercial water loss.  We will try to save what we can but sometime it just needs to go.  Either was SERVPRO has the training to know what can be saved vs replaced.

Water damage burst pipe Newport Beach

Water restoration work underway

SERVPRO placing specialty drying equipment to dry down a structure affected from a flood on a commercial property.  This equipment is enabling wall cavities to be dried without actually removing the drywall.  

Flood cuts made

Flood damage

Typical flood cuts made to affected drywall.  This was performed on property damaged from Hurricane Harvey.  SERVPRO will travel when the need arises from storm events.  This property was dried out and made ready for repairs in about one week.

Fire storm Southern california

Traveling to LA fires

SERVPRO is ready to respond to storm sites throughout the country.  Here we are onsite after fire went through LA county area.  The aftermath cleanup can be overwhelming but SERVPRO is here to help.

Southern California fire map

Monitoring LA fires

SERVPRO keeps a close eye on fires developing in the area.  These events are like storm event for us in Southern California.  Time to be on the watch and be ready to respond quickly.

Fire damage cleanup

Electrical fires

Fires can be started by variety of sources.  Here this commercial fire was started by a short in electrical panel.  Fortunately no one was hurt and the building was able to be cleaned quickly.

Fire mitigation

Cleaning smoke with smoke?

Dry ice blasting is a good way of cleaning fire damaged structures.  The dry ice evaporates as its being sprayed thus giving the effect of smoke in the air.  This eliminates some of the material needed clean up.

Fire cleanup in orange county

Dry Ice blasting on fire damage

Dry ice blasting provides a means to quickly and effectively clean soot from framing.  It uses dry ice and compressed air to shoot the pellets at the material at high speed.  Thus removing unwanted debris.

Commerical water loss

What to expect on day one with water damage?

You have water damage to your property and how will it get dried out?  SERVPRO has the drying equipment to do just that.  Here we have equipment getting set up on a commercial property to start the drying process.

Large loss commercial water damage

Water extraction

SERVPRO on site performing often the first step in getting your property restored.  Extraction of any loose water greatly speeds up the drying of affected building materials.  We have the proper equipment to respond quickly day or night.

PPE suits sanitizing

Sanitizing commericial property

SERVPRO on scene for a pre-sanitizing walkthrough.  Commercial property requested a sanitizing performed and SERVPRO responded quickly to care for their needs.  Work was completed within a few hours.  

Commercial drying equipment

Desiccant commercial drying

Commercial drying often requires heavy duty equipment to get the job done quickly and correctly.  Desiccant dehumidifiers (shown here) work well for drying dense building materials and in a wide variety of temperatures.  

Workers ripping up the smoke covered carpet.

Major Fire Cleanup Job

In this photo there was a fire caused from a cooktop range fire In Newport beach, CA. The workers are removing the carpet so its ready to be able to put new carpet in. 

Certificate of Completion

Certificated Fire and Smoke Damage Consultants

Congrats to Josh and Jorge for completing the ACAC Fire and Smoke Damage Consultant training class. This class is one of the most respected and oldest in the industry! Ready to make it “Like it never even happened.”

resin drying on table

Team building day!

Recently we had a team building day with our SERVPRO team and the owner, Aaron Chennells was teaching the team how to make resin epoxy coasters. A little downtime keeps you refreshed for when it's go time!

Home Theater Flooded

Two inches of water flooded this home theater and SERVPRO of Newport Beach was here to help and responded in less then an hour to help minimize further damage. After water extraction was performed specialty drying equipment was put in place.

Water damage job using our specialty drying equipment!

This home in Newport beach had water damage on their wood floors and we had to use our specialty drying equipment setup, for in place drying of the wood floors.

Damage to the hallway from a leak in the ceiling

In this Home in Newport beach we had to remove the drywall to dry out the framing for the house. Now all that is left is the reconstruction of the house.