Water Damage Photo Gallery

FLIR moisture meter

Checking for moisture

SERVPRO tech verifying moisture content of suspect drywall.  Moisture meters provide a moisture content percentage which can be compared with unaffected areas.  This helps determine when affected materials have reached a normal moisture content, or drying goal.

SERVPRO workers on carpet

We care about your property

SERVPRO of Newport Beach team hard at work laying down carpet protection prior to commencing with water damage remediation in a section of the family room.  Demo of walls can be messy work, but taking a few extra steps can protect the rest of the property

Water damage burst pipe Newport Beach

Water restoration work underway

SERVPRO placing specialty drying equipment to dry down a structure affected from a flood on a commercial property.  This equipment is enabling wall cavities to be dried without actually removing the drywall.  

Home Theater Flooded

Two inches of water flooded this home theater and SERVPRO of Newport Beach was here to help and responded in less then an hour to help minimize further damage. After water extraction was performed specialty drying equipment was put in place.

Water damage job using our specialty drying equipment!

This home in Newport beach had water damage on their wood floors and we had to use our specialty drying equipment setup, for in place drying of the wood floors.

Damage to the hallway from a leak in the ceiling

In this Home in Newport beach we had to remove the drywall to dry out the framing for the house. Now all that is left is the reconstruction of the house.