Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Hurricane cleanup

SERVPRO Newport Beach goes to Houston

Yes we will travel for large storm events.  This property was in Houston from Hurricane Harvey.  We performed a standard "flood cut" on the drywall, cleaned and dried framing to get it ready for the rebuild work.  


Flooding cleanup

SERVPRO performed demo on property damage by Hurricane Harvey.  Typical of flooding, cuts will be made at a 2' or 4' level to facilitate drying and repairs.  All exposed framing is cleaned and ready for repairs.

Flood cuts made

Flood damage

Typical flood cuts made to affected drywall.  This was performed on property damaged from Hurricane Harvey.  SERVPRO will travel when the need arises from storm events.  This property was dried out and made ready for repairs in about one week.

Fire storm Southern california

Traveling to LA fires

SERVPRO is ready to respond to storm sites throughout the country.  Here we are onsite after fire went through LA county area.  The aftermath cleanup can be overwhelming but SERVPRO is here to help.

Southern California fire map

Monitoring LA fires

SERVPRO keeps a close eye on fires developing in the area.  These events are like storm event for us in Southern California.  Time to be on the watch and be ready to respond quickly.